At KariXchange Technology is Art & User Empowerment the end goal.

Curiosity is our catalyst, Design our heartbeat, Empathy our guide and inspired solutions the result. User experience and empowerment is what we do. We design platforms that push boundaries, connect people and create wealth.

Platforms are our Passion!

We create immersive, user friendly platforms. Our platforms are built with the latest platform technology and designed to ensure great user experience which in turn drives growth and wealth creation. Our platforms are completely user driven, and their end goal is empowerment.

We build platforms by taking these into considerations;

Developing a successful product and bringing it to market is more complicated than ever that’s why at KariXchange we have product managers, engineers, designers, researchers and strategists who understand the ins and outs of creating inspiring ideas that become inspired (and successful) products.

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Our re-engineering services focus on transforming an existing product in order to reconstitute it in a new form and with new features; taking advantage of emerging technologies. Our Product re-engineering solutions either focuses on retaining the core features and logic of the existing system while bolstering the system by migrating it to emerging technologies or the complete overhaul of the old system in order to completely leverage immersive technology.

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We work with our clients to plan and manage both projects and programs from start to finish, delivering them in a more cost effective manner while not sacrificing quality. We provide our clients transformation-focused services. Our service offerings include a formal yet tailored approach to client needs. We provide certified professionals with deep PM and IT expertise. Regardless of where your organization stands in terms of planning the work or executing, we offer services to help you succeed.

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Process management includes many activities including identification of the processes needed within an organization, assigning process owners and responsibilities, determining requirements of systems, performance monitoring with the necessary measurements, and making required performance improvements. Process management is intended to eliminate uncertainties and inefficiencies.

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Our Proven Process Produces Results


We first make sure we gain a deep understanding of all your/customers pain points, functional requirements and performance targets.


Then we make a thorough analysis, including feasibility studies and propose the best, workable solutions to meet all inferred issues.

3. BUILD &

According to agreed specifications, all solution modules are built in harmony with global best practices, complete with documentation.


Exhaustive testing and verification is done from the small code blocks right through the highest levels of architecture.


The finished product is deployed and integrated with existing systems/processes and we continue to provide support to ensure a smooth transition.

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